Joe Vitale
"Vince Harris shares
the wisdom that is the
result of hundreds of
coaching sessions with
his clients over the last
15 years-and much,
much more!"

-Dr. Joe Vitale,
Star of the
blockbuster movie
and book,
The Secret
Harris Research International:
Behavioral and Emotional Restructuring
903 Main St. Trenton, Mo
"His sincerity drew me
in and made me reflect
on my own life.

Steve Chambers
San Diego, California
"Vince is an extremely
competent, reliable, and
professional individual,
and he epitomizes

- J.A. Leaver
Commander, and
F-14 Fighter Pilot,
United States Navy
"Vince has a relevant
message that has the
opportunity to change
peoples lives. He is
sincere and real, and has
excellent presentation
skills. Don't miss the
opportunity to see this

-Mark Boyd
Metro Group, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah
"Vincent is just one of
those stand up and
stand out guys! I am
very happy with the
results I have had since
going to Vince for help.
The  techniques that he
use yield far more power
than that anything I had
ever encountered before,
and the skill with which
he uses them is

-Pat Adams
You will change for the
better by allowing Vince
into your life!"

-Brian Latta
"Vince's understanding of
what I was feeling was
brilliant. His work is
concise and delivered with
trust, honor and without

-Gary May
Group Sales Director
United Kingdom
Vincent Harris and his
energy will leave a lasting
impact on anyone
fortunate enough to
spend time with him!

Tonya Reiman
Body Language Expert, and
Regular Guest as a
Consultant on
The O'Reilly
Factor with Bill O'Reilly,
FOX Television
" A man with real impact
and skill. His energy and
delivery style engage you.
Vince involves people to
invoke their emotions,
and delivers hope and
opportunity, making
people aware of their
potential and shows them
how to access it!"

Paul Cunningham
Wokingham, Berkshire,
"I just discovered your
work yesterday, and I
am impressed and

Sherri Kuralt
Columbus, GA
"....I will never be able to express my gratitude to this man, or repay him
for the tools he has given me to break free from my own destruction. He
is worth every penny, plus some"

Katie Webster, Las Vegas, Nevada
"... I do not have enough good things to say about you and your amazing
talent and will definitely be referring people to you."

Amy Morrissey Fleshman, Kirksville, MO
"The things I learned from Vince have shown me how to face and
accomplish things within myself and my life. He taught me that the brain is
an amazing thing that we don't utilize to it's fullest intent. Vince is one of
the easiest people to talk to and I look forward to seeing him again in my
future. Thank you Vince Harris, you're awesome!"

Jody Bridger Baker, Unionville, Missouri
Three years ago I was stuck in my room , laying there ...waiting to die. I
thought my life was over . The only place I felt safe was in my bed . And
that is where I spent 20 out of 24 hours every day for a year. I tried
doctors and many different therapists. I got nothing but pills and kept
losing hope. One of my therapists referred me to Vince and he alone
changed my life. I leave the house, don't take Xanax all day and I can live
again. I can handle it now, I have a fiancé. Carry a full time job and gained
my confidence back. Vincent Harris can do the same FOR YOU. I not only
gained got my life back. I also gained a great friend and brother. I love you

Mike Hannon, Anaheim, California
"After being a smoker from the age of 14 to 54 I had one session with
Vince and have not smoked since! It has now been over 3 years and it's a
wonderful feeling to know the habit no longer owns and controls my life!
Out of fear of falling off the wagon I went back after a year for a
"refresher" and while there asked him to help me out with my fear of
flying. May 3rd I flew to Las Vegas and now am planning a trip to Vermont
in the fall. I would hate to think I might have lived my whole live and never
saw the clouds and mountains from the air. Thank you Vince!"

Kathy McLain Russell, Princeton, Missouri
"I took my youngest son to see Vince a few years ago to see if Vince
could help him with his obsessive picking of his skin on his arms, legs and
face. Not only did Vince's techniques greatly reduce this horrible habit,
allowing the sores the picking had caused on his skin to heal, but the
wonderful care and time that Vince took to get to the root of several
other issues my son had, associated with his ADD broke down so many
barriers that I never imagined anyone could accomplish, and Vince was
actually able to reach this child that, in many ways, I thought was lost to
me! He helped to reconnect the close emotional bond that my son and I
once had and opened up new lines of communication between the two of
us that greatly helped our relationship and situation at home! I would
highly recommend Vince!"

Sue Chenoweth, Trenton, Missouri
"I am forever grateful to
Vince  for all that he has
taught me and for his
unending patience and
compassion. He has
helped me achieve
things, in
a short period of time,
that I have been trying
to accomplish for years. I
highly recommend Vince
Harris to help anyone
achieve their goals."

Robyn Armstrong, MSW,
LCSW,Licensed Clinical
Social Worker,
Brookfield, Missouri
Do You or a Loved One Deal
with Anxiety, Panic
, Excessive
or Emotional Eating?

You Don't Have to Continue
Living that Way.
For the last 17 years, Vincent Harris has been doing the unthinkable:
he's been taking the people that other therapists hadn't been able to
help-people who were suffering with anxiety (and other issues)-and
assisting them in finally making the breakthrough they hadn't been able
to make, and that others they had gone to had suggested might not
even be possible.
Read what others have to say about working with
Vincent Harris....and then, if you'd like to work
with him too, you can find out how you can do that
at the bottom of the page
email: or, you can call
(866) 264-8115
. Vincent conducts sessions worldwide
by phone,Skype/Facetime and face to face/in office.
Want an Appointment with Vincent Harris? Here's
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A Brief Bio of Vincent Harris

Vince is a Gulf War Veteran. He managed a cardiac step down unit, and
later an oncology floor as the Senior Hospital Corpsman while serving in
the United States Navy. After leaving the Navy, he earned his
undergraduate degree in education and completed his studies in a master
of science and doctorate program (Ph.D.) in psychology.

Vince has presented trainings for the United States Army at
, and for the National Institutes of Health, in Washington
D.C., as well as for several
Fortune 500 Companies.

An accomplished author with his books having been translated and
published in four other countries, Vince continues writing new material.

Vince works with clients from around the world and has a reputation as
someone who is able to do what others could not, and has health care
professionals from across the United States who refer their "tough case"
clients and patients to him, because they have that much faith in his level
of skill.

Find out why people like
MTV, CNN, The Early Show,The Daily Show
with Jon Stewart
and Fox News call Vince when they need expert
insight into human behavior and accelerated behavioral change.

Copyright 2015
Vincent Harris, M.S.
Author of The
Productivity Epiphany
Secrets for Getting
Things Done
and his
forthcoming book,
Definitive Book for
Breaking Free of
Anxiety and Worry
Vince is certainly one of a kind. He is a hard ass with a tender soul. He
will not candy coat the facts. He tells you how it is and helps you to open
your mind to reality. He will fight for you by pushing you to the limits of
acknowledging your own worth to be able to fight for yourself. He won't
give up on you because he knows you are worth it. I have never met a
therapist so passionate and dedicated to helping people. Lord knows I
have asked Vince some strange questions and perhaps he may have felt
like pulling his hair out sometimes when assisting me with my troubles.
When I need him he is there with kindness yet sharp clarity. One thing
for sure is I am not the person I used to be. I am changing and I am
growing. I feel it and people around me notice it. He has well surpassed
my expectations and I would recommend Vince to anyone looking for an
effective, compassionate yet no BS approach.

Lacey Chantelle, Kirksville, Missouri
Listen to Vince on The Pat Campbell Show
"Vincent Harris is the
real deal. It's one thing
to know human
behavior. However, to
know, intuitively,
exactly what to do with
that behavior, is the
difference between
knowledge and
mastery. Vince
functions with mastery.
It was like he knew me
better than I knew

Bill Reynolds, Boston,
Moving Beyond Anxiety Seminar
April 21st, 2018
00 pm-3:30 pm
The Hotel Bothwell
Sedalia, Missouri

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