Vincent Harris, Speaker

You Can't Save Your Way Out of a Recession;You Have to Work Your Way

To be sure, the current economy has created an interesting situation. It will
provide some with the justification that makes mediocre performance
acceptable. Mediocre won't cut it today; the companies that aim to thrive will
rise to the top, the others will either survive-and little more-or they'll just go
away. Learn to utilize leading edge strategies to sell your way to the top, and
the mindset that will serve as a rock solid foundation from which those skills can
be launched in any economy.

Dynamic Presentation Skills: Verbal and Nonverbal Strategies for Creating
the "Wow!" Experience for Your Audience

Delivering a presentation that not only captures the attention of your listeners,
but successfully influences at the same time is comprised of a set of skills that
can be learned. When you do, you'll find your effectiveness will have increased

Body Language 101-

Body language and nonverbal communication can account for up to 93% of the
impact of our communication. Yet, most people have very little understanding of
some of the most basic and critical elements of this aspect of their
communication. Take your message to a new level and communicate more

Nonverbal Secrets for Outstanding Customer Service-

Most people focus on learning the "right" things to say. Albert Mehrabian
showed in the 1950's that this often accounts for only 7% of our message.
Learn to communicate on two different levels at once. Whether you need to
calm down an angry customer or inspire a potential client to return, this will
show you how.

It's About Time: Eliminate Procrastination, Ignite Motivation, and Get Things
Done Managing Projects, People and Yourself-

If you've gone through all of the complicated "planners" and systems for
organizing your life and your time, but still struggle to keep everything
together, then you'll love this one. You'll get to the core of the challenge; you'll
discover why until you master the way you run your mind and use your body,
most time management systems will probably only frustrate you. After you've
taken control of this area, however, you'll find  that things are falling into place
with ease, and that you have more energy left over at the end of the day.

Reading Body Language: The Science of Detecting the Cues that Let You
Know What Other People are Feeling-

You probably already know that neither I, nor anyone else, can show you how
to know what people are thinking. I can, however, show you how to quickly and
easily know what they are feeling. Then, you'll learn how to use your body to
literally change what they are feeling at will- if you choose.

Facing Changes by Changing Faces: Altering Your Physiology to Instantly
Reduce Stress and Access Peak Performance States-

One only read the newspaper to see that we are living in a time of rapid
changes and turmoil. While we have little control of most of these world
changes, you might be surprised to discover how much control you have over
altering your mental, emotional and physical response to any change you face-
just by knowing exactly what movements to make with the muscles in your
face. Never again fear any change or upset. You'll know that you are in
complete control of how you feel- and this changes everything.
"Over the years I've heard
scores of "inspirational" stories
from dozens of speakers, and
thought that I had long ago
become immune to being really
moved by another presentation.
Vince's eloquent and powerful
story telling has proved me

-Craig Ernst
Austin, Texas

"Vince has power not only in his
story, but in his presence. A
captivating presenter with a
pertinent story that is valuable
to you."

-Harlan Goerger
Author of
The Selling Gap

"Vince, thank you so much. You
understand & communicate so
beautifully, an essential
message in life."

-April Braswell
New Orleans, Louisiana
Vincent Harris, Professional Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Body Language,Time Management
Vincent Harris
Body Language Expert and
Author of the
The Productivity Epiphany
He is also the President of
Harris Research International
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