Vincent Harris
Vince Harris,Professional Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Body Language,Time Management
"Vince Harris wowed the audience at Influence: Boot Camp in Las Vegas.
His heart, focus and compassion was matched by his dynamic delivery.
You have my strong recommendation to hire Mr. Harris for your next
meeting or event!"
Kevin Hogan- Psy.D. Author of "The 168 Hour Week: Living Life Your
Way 24-7"
"I am forever grateful to Vince  for all
that he has taught me and for his
unending patience and compassion.
He has helped me achieve things, in
a short period of time, that I have
been trying to accomplish for years. I
highly recommend Vince Harris to
help anyone achieve their goals."

Robyn Armstrong, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
Brookfield, Missouri
Thank you for the program at our
Annual Safety Celebration. We heard
many positive comments and I know
that seeds were planted. We all
agreed that you are an outstanding
motivational speaker! Thanks for the
great information and laughter!"

Karen Glenn
Grundy Electric, Safety Comm. Chair
" A Man with a message ! A "Must
Hear" for your audience."

-Dan Schaefer, PhD. President
Peak Performance Strategies, LLC
New York, NY
Vince Harris- Body Language Expert and Speaker
People are talking about Vincent Harris...
"Vince is a Pleasure to listen to ! He
has the voice of a story teller and
the personality to fill the words. If I
am going to learn from someone.
Vince is the someone I would be very
comfortable getting my learning from.
Learning isn't all about is about
presentation,and anyone as good at
presentation as Vince is, makes my
learning that much easier.
I highly recommend him ! "

Mark J. Ryan
Subliminal Visual Expert and
co-author with Joe Vitale of hit film
and best selling book
The Secret
Would You Like to Have Your Group Saying "WOW!" This
Have you ever watched a speaker that was so captivating that an
hour seemed like it went by in minutes? Or, maybe you had the
pleasure of attending a training or workshop, and days, weeks, even
months after the seminar, you found the ideas presented that day
popping into your mind at just the right time. It's one thing for a
speaker to know their material, but to present it in a way that excites,
inspires, and leaves a permanent etching in your mind is rare indeed.

While people  are always excited by Vince's high level of energy,
Vince knows that energy alone doesn't cut it.

Drawing from his undergraduate degree in education, his graduate
degree in psychology, and continuous study of memory, neurology
and the latest available research on adult learning strategies, Vince
presents in a way that will not only motivate, but will allow each
audience member to effectively learn and retain what they have
learned, giving them access to the material when they need it.

Take a look at some of the endorsements and testimonials. If you
would like an engaging, warm, and stimulating speaker with the
knowledge, strategies and tools to make your audience more
productive, contact Vince to discuss your upcoming event.

How Do You Know Vince Harris is the Right Person for Your Event?

Vince has been described as a combination of the high energy and
focused, laser like calm- a winning combination of enthusiasm and
intellect for a  presentation you'll remember for years to come.

He is an internationally recognized expert in  
body language,
nonverbal communication
and peak performance, and the author of
the book
The Productivity Epiphany, Bypassing No in Business and
Secrets for Getting Things Done.

He has been a media guest, appearing on NBC Television, numerous
radio shows, and is contacted by the likes of
MTV and FOX News
because of his insights into human behavior

Below is a brief list of those who have recently experienced Vince's
energy and insight:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Head Start
  • University of Notre Dame
  • United States Army
  • North Central Missouri College
  • United States Navy
  • BIA Cherokee Agency
  • Round Mountain Gold Corporation
  • The Eniva Coproration
  • Cornell University
  • Murfreesboro Medical Clinic
  • ADT Security
  • National City Bank
  • AgVantis, Inc.
  • John Snow, Inc.
  • Ortho Biotech
  • Eurand, Inc.
  • Missouri State University
  • Working Buildings, LLC
  • Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loans
  • United States Army G8- At the Pentagon
  • National Education Association
  • De'Longhi America, Inc.
  • Boeing
  • MasterCard
  • National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • American Steel Foundries

Audience members will smile, laugh and enjoy every moment, while
simultaneously learning and deeply integrating the material.

  • The Science of Predicting Violent Behavior

  • Body Language 101

  • Nonverbal Secrets for Outstanding Customer Service

  • The Psychology of Violence: The Prerequisites for Surviving
    an Attack

  • Stress Inoculation for Law Enforcement Officers

  • Reading Body Language: The Science of Detecting the Cues
    that Let You Know What Other People are Feeling

  • Facing Changes by Changing Faces: Altering Your Physiology
    to Instantly Reduce Stress and Access Peak Performance
"When I attended your seminar I
was the education coordinator and
was going to be entering the
research area and I feel with your
help on how I saw myself and made
others see me, I am now the Clinical
Researcher for a Fortune 500

-Sandi Gross
Springfield, Illinois
Vince Harris
Body Language Expert and
Author of the bestselling book
for Getting Things Done

Vince's books have now been
translated and published in
Romania, Poland and China
First for Women-Vincent Harris-Body Language
First for Women asked Vince to evaluate
celebrity body language - see the feature
"The Love Language of Lounging"
Vincent Harris and Brad Gillis Night Ranger Guitar Player
Vince with Night Ranger guitar
player, Brad Gillis
Vincent Harris Body Language Expert Esquire Magazine
Read Vince's Body Language
insights in the August 2011 issue
of Esquire Magazine!
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Vince works with clients from
all over the world who are
struggling to regain control of
their lives.

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