RSBD Stop Smoking Method
Vincent Harris, M.S.
Human Behavior Expert and Bestselling Author of Secrets for Getting Things Done
Vincent Harris, M.S.
Author of the
bestselling book
Secrets for Getting
Things Done
Below you will find three of
the most commonly asked
questions, and answers to
Where did Vince get his initial training?

Vince served six years in the United States Navy. His first two years were as a
plane captain for an F-14 fighter squadron,VF-24: The Fighting Renegades. He
deployed to the Gulf with VF-24 on the USS Nimitz in support of Operation
Southern Watch.

Vince then graduated with honors from the Naval School of Health Sciences in
San Diego, California as a Hospital Corpsman. From there he was accepted into
BUD/S, the six month indoctrination program to become a Navy SEAL. A spinal
injury after two months there resulted in being medically dropped from the

Vince was assigned to the San Diego Naval Medical Center. There, he served
as the Senior Corpsman on a Cardiac Unit and the Oncology Unit, where he
managed 12-16 junior Hospital Corpsman who carried out direct patient care on
those floors.

It was during his time on the oncology floor that he was sent to receive training in
hypnosis for use with patients on the oncology floor. Vince took every course
offered and was board certified as a Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Pain
Control by legendary hypnotist Gil Boyne and the American Council of Hypnotist

From that point on, Vince was hooked, and has trained with the best of the best
over the last twenty years. Vince opened "Inner Resources Hypnosis Center" in
Guam in 1999, and had operated out of an office in San Diego before he and
his wife moved to Guam. Vince was quickly embraced by several doctors on
island who referred patients to him because of his reputation for helping people
get results when nothing else had worked.

Vince has long been recognized as an expert in human behavior and
accelerated behavioral changes around the world, and has presented on those
topics at The Pentagon and The National Institutes in Washington, DC, as well
as for companies like Boeing, MasterCard and many others.

What is Retro-Suggestive Belief Deconstruction ™ and why does
Vince use this instead of hypnosis?

Let me ask you, do you know someone who was hypnotized to quit smoking, but
was smoking shortly thereafter? Vince does too. Early on in his career he
realized that as effective as hypnotic communication can be for many things, that
when it came to some issues, attempting to be successful using only hypnosis
would fail.

Think about this. When you were a child, you were given multiple suggestions by
people you trusted, that there was a Santa Claus; a man who traveled the world
with Reindeer and delivered gifts to all of the good children. You accepted these
suggestions and, thus, a belief in Santa was created.

When you were with a young playmate, if someone gave you different
suggestion-that there was no North Pole or Santa-it didn't shake your
confidence in Santa Claus. Your previous suggestions, by people you trusted,
held firm and strong, and your behavior was unchanged. On Christmas eve your
heart beat quickened, you had trouble sleeping, and your mind raced with
images about Santa slipping in during the night, and what presents he might
leave for you.

The original hypnotically potent suggestions about Santa Claus, deflected
suggestions that he didn't really exist, and was make believe.

Then, one day something happened. One day someone delivered three to five
sentences that changed your life forever. Your belief in Santa Claus
disintegrated on the spot. You literally felt it drain out of you. From that moment
on, Christmas eve would never be the same, and your behavior would be
permanently altered. Even if you wanted to believe in Santa Claus again-you'd
never be able to. Your belief had been taken apart in a way that it could never
be believed again. When this happened, you experienced the structure of

Retro-Suggestive Belief Deconstruction ™.

It didn't take weeks or months of affirmations or counseling for this to happen.
Within seconds, you belief in Santa Claus was no longer something you took
seriously, or, even could, for that matter.

The same is true of ANY other belief or previous suggestions you have in your
mind. They can become something that no longer have any power in your life,
and as a result, your behavior and feelings change in a matter of minutes.

Vince engineered
Retro-Suggestive Belief Deconstruction ™ (RSBC)
after realizing the need for being able to removed the previous suggestions and
beliefs in his clients, that would prevent any new suggestions or beliefs and
more positive futures and realities from being able to be embraced by the mind.

With RSBC, Vince removes the desire to smoke by removing the beliefs that
have made it nearly impossible for you to even consider thinking about quitting.

Once this has happened, you are home free, and THEN new and better
suggestions and beliefs can be absorbed and embraced. Vince uses
conversational hypnosis communication patterns throughout the seminar-the
same patterns he taught at The Pentagon and National Institutes of Health-to
layer in powerful new suggestions, even as he helps you remove the old ones
that had been holding you back.

In short, Vince DOES still use hypnosis, but in a very precise manner, and for a
very specific purpose. It is one of the tools he has mastered, but from his most
powerful and effective tool.

What is Vince's success rate?

Over the last twenty years of tracking the results people who have used his
method to stop smoking have achieved, the 12 month success rate (the length
used by most all studies on smoking cessation methods) is MUCH higher than
virtually any other method.

Here are the 12 month Success Rate statistics on other popular methods:

Hypnosis alone: 20-30%

Wellbutrin and Chantix: 15-20%

Accupunture: 5-10%

Will Power: 3-5%

Nicotine Patches and Products: 8-12%

So, what is the 12 month success rate for people using Vince's method? 81%

Clearly, his method is six to eight times better than ALL other quit smoking

With that being said, Vince makes it clear to his clients, the success rate is
THEIRS, not his. Meaning, only THEY can determine whether his method will be
successful. If they follow his simple instructions, they will be successful.

Imagine a college football player that gets drafted to an NFL team. He shows up
the first day and says to the coach “I want to be an all-star linebacker and
become a Hall of Fame inductee one day. What’s your success rate?”

Of course, in such a situation, the coach would likely say “Son, get out of here.
Come back when you have regained your senses and ability to think clearly!”

The “success rate” isn’t going to be the success rate of the coach, when it
comes to any given individual member of the team.

The “success rate” for the stated goals of the player, will be determined by the

If the coach has been an NFL coach for a long time, he clearly has the required
skills to assist and guide the player with the talent and desire, or he would have
been let go and no longer be a coach with the NFL.

To even get to the NFL, the coach and his skills have already been cemented in
place as a “great coach.” It is the player who has a lot to prove.

The coach will provide the player with all of his masterful skills, insight and years
of experience. That is a given. Yet, it will be a combination of things with the
player that cannot be known ahead of time, and will become evident over time,
that will be the determinant for the success of the player. If the player brings
those things to the table, and pairs it with a high level NFL coach, then the odds
for great things to occur have improved astronomically.

Things like:

Is the player willing to follow my instructions?

Is the player investing themselves fully in cooperating with me and wanting good

Are they willing to refuse to resist and foolishly try and “show” me they can’t be
coached? (Because if they aren’t, they’ll be right)

People might leave marriage counseling, for example and later say “It didn’t
work!” By now, you are probably starting to realize how silly that sounds.
Marriage counseling doesn’t “work” or “not work.” The two people attending will
either work things out, using counseling as one of the tools, or they won’t. It will
be the marriage-the two people involved-that either worked, or didn’t. The best
marriage counselor in the world can’t make up for the lack of desire to be
married and get along by one or both of the married partners.

(One VERY well-known Country Music star has spoken with Vince every
Thursday, by phone, for over two years now. He wants to be at his best and
always be getting better. He knows Vince is a very important part of that plan. He
also knows Vince has a skill set and intuition about human behavior that is very

You will be working with Vince as a team (whether you are working with him one
on one, or are attending one of his group seminars) His role is to use his twenty
years of experience and his skill to guide you, to coach you, and to allow your
mind to be influenced in beneficial ways that strongly support the behavioral and
emotional changes required for accomplishing your goal/s. His job is to tune into
you as fully as possible, and detect any verbal or nonverbal communication from
you that will serve as feedback for helping him, help you. That, he will do, you
can be certain.

What other education does Vince have?

He received an Associates degree from North Central Missouri College, before
going on to complete is undergraduate degree in elementary education at
Graceland University. Vince then got his Master's degree and completed his
course work for his Doctoral program (PhD) at Walden University.

Vince also held nursing licenses in the State of California, Missouri and the US
held territory of Guam.
"When I attended your
seminar I was the
education coordinator
and was going to be
entering the research
area and I feel with
your help on how I saw
myself and made others
see me, I am now the
Clinical Researcher for a
Fortune 500 company!!"

-Sandi Gross
Springfield, Illinois

" A Man with a message
! A "Must Hear" for your

-Dan Schaefer, PhD.
Peak Performance
Strategies, LLC
New York, NY

"Vince is a Pleasure to
listen to ! He has the
voice of a
story teller and the
personality to fill the
words. If I am going to
learn from someone.
Vince is the someone I
would be very
comfortable getting my
learning from. Learning
isn't all about is
about presentation,and
anyone as good at
presentation as Vince
is, makes my learning
that much easier.
I highly recommend him
! "

Mark J. Ryan
Subliminal Visual
Expert and co-author
with Joe Vitale of hit
film and best selling
The Secret

"I'm a radio talk show
host in Tulsa, OK. I've
been fed up with the
steady drumbeat of
negative economic news
we've been inundated
with for the last year or
so.I was looking for
someone to motivate,
inspire my listeners.

More importantly I
wanted to give them
the tools to excel even
in tough economic times.
The Productivity
Epiphany fits the bill. I
had Vincent Harris on
my show he hit a grand
slam with my listeners.

Weeks later I'm still
getting e-mail
requesting info on his
book and website.
Having Vince address
your audience is like
bobbing for water, you
can't miss!"

Pat Campbell
Host of The Pat
Campbell Show
FOX News Affiliate
Heard mornings 6:00
to 9:00AM CT
on 1170 KFAQ Tulsa,

"Your Blasting Through
presentation has
been a life altering
experience. I feel I have
gained valuable tools to
improve every aspect of
my life. Thank you!"

Marie Kamphefner
Trenton, Missouri

"This was by far the
best training that I have
ever been to on-site!
I'm glad I decided to
show up."

-Jerimiah Scoville
Honda, Research and

"I saw Vince Harris to
quit smoking. One of the
most powerful
experiences I've ever
had. That was 19 years
ago. I never smoked

Bob Terry, Guam USA
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